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Builders is a startup studio that empowers entrepreneurs to build impactful software companies at scale within Europe by combining our experience in early-stage validation, operational excellence and pre-seed funding.

Builders team sitting behind laptop

Saul & Hendrik-Jan
Founders Noon

Builders team sitting behind laptop

Michael & Steven
Founders Obeyo

Builders team sitting behind laptop

Dana & Danny
Founders Influentials

How do we go from spark to champagne?

We identify bold and impactful trends

By continuously researching promising trends within our target markets we identify opportunities and sparks of potential opportunities.

Partner up with the brightest minds

We partner up with entrepreneurs in residence within the most promising trends who have experienced the opportunity first-hand.

Figure out which one out of ten ideas works.

Before we launch a company, we’ll take our ideas through rigorous data-driven ideation and validation processes to determine what makes sense in the real world.

Co-found the most impactful companies.

Once we’re all set to launch the company, we combine the validated opportunity with our experienced core team and pre-seed funding to accelerate all the way to product market fit.

When everything makes sense, we scale up

After achieving product-market fit we set up the company for sustained growth by staffing a dedicated core team and attracting outside capital. Of course, we’ll stick around until the final champagne moment

Let’s build an
impactful software
company together.


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