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We partner with founders to build industry-defining companies from the ground up, investing from pre-seed up to Series A.


Invest with the studio

We initially invest pre-seed at the launch of a company built with the studio when the company has successfully navigated through the selection gates of our studio model. From the seed stage and beyond, we continue our support by co-investing alongside institutional investors and VCs, further validating their potential and fostering their growth.

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Where the brightest angels meet

Builders Investor House is a quarterly event hosted at the headquarters of inspiring tech companies. During these all-access events, the early days' stories and growth challenges are told by the founders firsthand. Investors build relationships at the event by participating in mini-challenges and providing valuable feedback.


By founders for founders

Builder’s Investor Community consists of operator investors who uniquely contribute to the success of the studio and individual founders. Members come together at select events, offering a network of connections rarely seen, to whom co-investment opportunities in the studio or companies are offered on a regular basis.

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What does Builders look for in co-founders?

At Builders, we seek visionaries driven not just by the desire but by the necessity to innovate. We strive to solve real business challenges with founders who’s have the background and potential within their problem space. We admire traits like ambition, resilience, and a knack for execution—qualities that align with our mission to transform work into joy. Dive deeper into our founder's philosophy here.

How do we find founders?

Our search for founders is proactive and community-driven. We engage with potential founders through industry events, referrals, and direct applications on our website. We look for a blend of passion, vision, and determination, aiming to foster a mutual discovery process that aligns our goals and values.

How many founders get through?

Annually, we connect with 2.000+ founders, around 12 join our universe. This selective process ensures that we dedicate our resources and core team to founders who share our vision for disruption and success, making every journey with Builders impactful and meaningful.

Where do the ideas come from?

Ideas at Builders are born from collaboration between our team and founders, inspired by market needs, real business challenges, technological advancements, and our first hand experience. We believe in co-creation, valuing the unique insights each founder brings to the table, turning ideas into problems worth solving into solutions worth building.

What is the journey of a Builders' founder?

Your Builders' journey is a fast-tracked, 18-month journey from concept to launch, supported by up to €300k investment from us. We cover the essentials: idea validation, MVP development, securing the first customers, team building, and more, ensuring a smooth sail towards independence. Learn more about our process here.


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