Meet our companies

With a combination of technology and entrepreneurship, we launch and fund SaaS companies that survive and thrive.


Noon offers a science-based solution to workplace burnout, providing data-driven insights for managers and personalized recommendations for team members to promote a sustainable approach to mental health.

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This venture is currently on ice.

Obeyo makes residential communities come to life by enabling residents to build genuine connections, streamlining all communications, making shared services accessible, and connecting them to smart building features.

Influentials [exit]

A comprehensive marketplace platform that connects some of the biggest brands in Benelux with content creators or ‘influencers’ who collaboratively create authentic social media campaigns.

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IPS [exit]

IPS is a managed cloud platform provider for the creative industry. Providing world-class DevOps combined with the total freedom of control trough their platform.

Our beliefs


We believe companies that thrive in the high standards and complexities of the EU can conquer the globe.


We focus on Business-to-Business solutions which companies can use to accelerate their growth.


Software-as-a-Service is the business model we are experts in to deliver the best value to market.

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Shaping the future of work

New products and new technologies are reaching the market at an impressive rate. With the unprecedented pace of technological advancement, the way we work and live will fundamentally change. Our goal is to leverage this change to build software solutions that address the most critical issues shaping how we work and live.

Investment opportunities

Builders is independently financed and backed by our studio partners and visionary operator investors. Get in touch to receive exclusive access to our venture deal flow or schedule a call to learn more about the studio asset class.


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