An authority in the European influencer marketing sector, Influentials identified the opportunities for automation that lie in this rapidly changing landscape. They are now a comprehensive marketplace platform that connects some of the biggest brands in Benelux with content creators or ‘influencers’ who collaboratively create authentic social media campaigns.

Finding the best influencers to tell a brand’s story

Running influencer marketing campaigns is rewarding but time-consuming; This is where Influentials steps in. Influentials is an end-to-end influencer marketing platform that provides brands and agencies with all the insights necessary to create and run unique social media campaigns - from briefings to payments.

Built as a marketplace of online content creators, it gives brands and marketers the freedom to explore its 15000-strong network of influencers to pick the best-suited creators to be the face of their brands. The platform provides extensive data insights on target audiences and demographics, making it easy for users to publish data-driven marketing campaigns.

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Founder team

Builders team sitting behind laptop

Dana de Koning, CEO

Dana started her journey as a Brand Advisor with Influentials and has grown into her current role through sheer grit and determination. Her vast knowledge of Europe’s influencer marketing landscape, alongside her brand relations capabilities, has made her a key member behind the venture’s growth and impressive client portfolio.

Builders team sitting behind laptop

Danny Steur, CTO

A serial entrepreneur who has been programming since he was just 8, Danny thrives in the fast-paced startup life. With a passion for building impactful products that can make a significant difference in its users’ lives, his ethos behind Influentials is to simplify and automate labour-intensive processes involved in influencer marketing.

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