Investor Space

Builders startup studio is backed by partners and investors from around the globe. Get in touch, and be part of the voice that builds impactful software companies for the future.

Michael Steinmann

“Builders investor dinners offer us a platform to explore deep insights, receive crucial feedback, and stress-test our ideas with experienced investors, fostering a collaborative venture-building process”

Hendrik-Jan Griffioen
CEO & Co-Founder Noon

Be in the loop

As a studio investor, you are part of our venture-building process at every turn.

Join at general partner level

The studio is run by builders, not by bankers. Invest alongside the studio founders and recycle investments back into the studio to build a lifetime worth of ventures and returns.

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Founder validation and networking

Participate in sessions where you can interact, and even lend your expertise to venture founders.

Annual venture updates meeting

Meet and network with fellow investors and venture founders for an annual progress update event.

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Meet us at events

We regularly attend events to talk to (and about) the community and meet with potential stakeholders in the startup world. Here is where you can meet Michael and Sharon in the coming weeks. Know other events we should attend and possibly meet you? Feel free to introduce us!

Get access

Join our investor space and be part of the powerful investor network that co-builds impactful software companies of the future with us. Get in touch to receive exclusive access to our venture deal flow.


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