In today’s fast-paced world, the discussion around well-being has become more crucial than ever before, and the impact of the the pandemic crisis on the workplace only deepen the challenge for well-being management. That’s where Noon comes in as an innovative platform designed to optimise mental health and productivity in the workplace.

A science-based solution to employees’ well-being

In recent years, companies have been facing high absenteeism costs resulting from employee burnout. It’s becoming a workplace epidemic that poses significant risks for small businesses.
Given these circumstances, after thorough research and idea validation to identify the gap within existing solutions on the market, Noon offers a science-based solution that addresses the issue of burnout and promotes a collaborative approach to the topic of mental health at work.

The platform can be seamlessly integrated with Slack, providing data-driven insights not only for managers to tailor interventions but also for each team member to obtain personalised recommendations. Providing both team and personal dashboards with aggregated data, Noon helps redirect the focus on increasing self-awareness among employees while assisting managers in having a comprehensive overview of teams’ productivity and spirits.

With Noon, teams can introduce the topic of wellness activities into their daily routine, allowing them to balance productivity and self-care.

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Founder team

Builders team sitting behind laptop

Hendrik-Jan Griffioen, CEO

Hendrik-Jan's career marked its beginnings in Strategy Execution, HR & Communication in the early days of his journey. Soon enough, he developed a taste for innovation and digital product development. Hendrik-Jan is passionate about creating new digital products that have a direct impact on their users because they made life easier and more fun.

Builders team sitting behind laptop

Saul Johnson, CTO

Saul's speciality is turning high-level product vision into scalable, resilient software systems. He loves open-source (especially machine learning and cybersecurity), playing the piano and cello and performing card magic. Saul is working as the CTO of Noon.

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