Meet Sharon, Co-founder and Managing Director

Sharon Klaver is a Co-founder and Managing Director at Builders. Her specialities include process optimisation, talent development, financial modelling and marketing strategy.


Sharon is an entrepreneur at heart dedicated to bringing together like-minded people to build value-driven software companies at a global scale. Sharon founded her first online company when she was 16 years old. Later, she founded funded and managed several software companies. Throughout her career in fashion and software, Sharon has developed in-depth operational and financial leadership experience.

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A comprehensive marketplace platform that connects some of the biggest brands in Benelux with content creators or ‘influencers’ who collaboratively create authentic social media campaigns.

Areas of expertise

Sharon can talk about startup studios, team entrepreneurship, and diversity & inclusion and. If you are looking for speakers to talk about the following topics, please send us an email at

Creating alignment on Mission and Vision

The importance of building and doing business for creating long-sustaining value instead of money.

How to develop a venture playbook

Learnings on how to implement ideas from previous experience and different concepts in different markets to a new venture, and how to make templates out of the for smoother future projects.

Shortcut your startup: speed up the building process 

The importance of setting stage-gates, following these timelines, validating your business idea in the very initial stages of development and learning to surround yourself with the right team.

Stage-gate model for timely processes

The importance of setting timelines and nesting (big and small) goals to adhere to efficient venture-building processes.

Team entrepreneurship as the backbone of venture building

Importance of curating a team of visionaries to form the ‘kickstart team’ for the first phase of building your company.

Contact details

Sharon loves to get in touch with like-minded people who seek to impact the startup world. Reach out to talk about spreadsheets and champagne!


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