Meet Danny, CTO in Residence

The world of influencer marketing is relatively young and quickly changing. Especially, the way influencers collaborate with brands is constantly changing. It’s very difficult for brands with no experience to get into influencer marketing. We aim to simplify and automate this process.


Drawn to tech from an early age

I started programming relatively young at 8 years old and quickly transitioned from games to websites. After working for some big-name companies in the Netherlands, I founded my first company at 21 years old - A pretty famous lead generation company in the Netherlands. After that, I (co-)founded and joined multiple other companies until ending up at Influentials in early 2021.

I have always been drawn to startup life. As basic as it sounds, I just love building things in places where I can have a lot of impact. I feel you can get way more stuff out the door in a start-up situation where you can be a lot more flexible.

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First steps at Builders

Working with Builders is kind of like entrepreneurship with a safety net. Although you still have to do a lot of work yourself, the studio really helps you in making decisions and keeps you data-driven. When it’s just you and maybe another co-founder, it’s easy to fall back into emotions and lose too much time and momentum.

For example, Builders helped me source developers and took on a lot of the HR responsibilities you have to go through as a founder. It’s also nice to have other great CTOs in the same office as a sounding board. The small things also end up making a big difference in the end, like advice on what you should have in your finance dashboards. It can save you loads of time you can better use elsewhere.

For me, Builders is more of a facilitator. It is possible to get the same result anyways, flying solo. But, it would definitely take a lot more time to find out all the nitty-gritty of building a company by trial and error. At the studio, there’s always someone who has experienced something like the issue you’re currently having before. Without this, you would need to rely on your network or figure everything out yourself.

Key lessons

I believe two factors contribute to success. Firstly, always learn and be willing to learn from others. Secondly, finishing things is super important. It’s better to ship many smaller things daily, than wait and release a big project.

Especially in the start-up world when directions and strategies can (and should) change, it’s a good habit to ship fast/early and iterate.


A comprehensive marketplace platform that connects some of the biggest brands in Benelux with content creators or ‘influencers’ who collaboratively create authentic social media campaigns.

Areas of expertise

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